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  Tuesday, September 19, 2017  

Investment Concepts

"When in doubt, tell the truth. It will gratify some of the people and astound the rest." - Mark Twain

Investment Strategy
Beyond Wealth Management's investment philosophy is professional, disciplined, effective - and most importantly, it is entirely centered on our clients' best interests. We recognize that not only is every client different, but also that different parts of their life may require different investment strategies. Together we will talk about your needs and wants in order to find the appropriate approach to best meet your investment needs. We only recommend and utilize products that are the best fit for each situation. Taxation preferences and needs are also taken into consideration.

Preference Research
Client education is at the core of our relationships - we are committed to making sure that you fully understand your portfolio and feel comfortable moving ahead. We use formal questionnaires and several guided discussions to elicit your feelings about investing and determine the boundaries for your investment risk tolerance. Using this information, we determine what type of investor you are and what combination of investments can best meet your needs with regard to volatility, return potential, risk management and diversification. Time horizon and liquidity are also considered. Professional asset allocation is implemented in all aspects of the recommendation.

Performance Evaluation
Our team monitors the performance of your portfolio. On a consistent basis, we review investment results and recommend appropriate modifications based on performance, as well as experiences or changes to your life that affect your goals or preferences.

Your Investment in Us
Beyond Wealth Management utilizes a transparent pricing structure. Full and complete disclosure of every dime paid for our services helps our clients determine the value of our services.

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